“[A good artist is] one with imagination and the ability to tell a good story. How well a man draws cuts no ice with me, if what he’s trying to express comes out vague and choppy.” ‐ Jack Kirby
(Sherman cited in Morrow (ED.) 2004, (vol.1) p. 181).

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Reminder: Final Assessment 2 Deliverables Due Tues WK14 by 4pm

Reminder: Final Assessment 2 Deliverables Due 
Assessment 2 for Visual Story is due next week (wk 14) on Tuesday the 30th October by 4pm. Update shortly to confirm how to do so, will be most likely via the Dropbox or Teaching Computer like last lesson.

Make sure the assessment has your name and student number, a folder with PDFs etc. in the 'Paul Mason' folder would be the best bet.

Email me if you missed the presentation component, I know there were a few faces missing, or were there and then disappeared. Thank you for your patience on the day, and I hope the feedback was helpful.

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