“[A good artist is] one with imagination and the ability to tell a good story. How well a man draws cuts no ice with me, if what he’s trying to express comes out vague and choppy.” ‐ Jack Kirby
(Sherman cited in Morrow (ED.) 2004, (vol.1) p. 181).

Saturday, November 17, 2012

...And on the Seventh day, he rested.

Congratulations all of you for completing your uni subjects for the year (including this one). It was my first uni lecturing position, and hopefully not my last. I very much enjoyed meeting you all, I'm sure we'll see each other again around the halls of QCA, and I look forward to seeing your ideas come to fruition in 3rd year and beyond. I hope you got something out of the subject this semester, and realise the importance of visual storytelling, clarity, empathy creating, and entertainment in our respective mediums. 

You'll never be able to watch a film or read a comic book again without pulling it to bits later. ;P Sorry.

And thank you for dropping by my table at the recent Brisbane Supanova. Your happy faces (even Tessie's ;P) are up on the Soldier Legacy website and facebook page too. If I don't see you beforehand, Merry Christmas, enjoy the break, and good luck in the future :)

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