“[A good artist is] one with imagination and the ability to tell a good story. How well a man draws cuts no ice with me, if what he’s trying to express comes out vague and choppy.” ‐ Jack Kirby
(Sherman cited in Morrow (ED.) 2004, (vol.1) p. 181).

Friday, July 27, 2012

Character Design: Marvel Now!

With all my commitments, I find myself at least 6 months behind story line -wise with the latest comic book releases by the Big two (Marvel and DC), so I'm not 100% up to speed with Marvel's new launch "Marvel Now!", suffice to say it's sounding a little bit like the whole 'DC New 52' launch from last year, without the blanket wiping of character/story continuity, a somewhat "necessary evil" in the comic book world....

(...now that I've lost half of you, let's get you all back with my point ;P)

So, in this instance, and much like the DC characters, the launch seems to show re-imagining/new concept designs for costumes. Now I have a few images postings I'm saving until we get closer to the referencing classes in a few weeks, but in regards to this, I thought I'd at least share the article talking about the relaunched Captain America outfit, as it shows some great pencilled design work, which has obviously referenced modern US army combat gear.



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