“[A good artist is] one with imagination and the ability to tell a good story. How well a man draws cuts no ice with me, if what he’s trying to express comes out vague and choppy.” ‐ Jack Kirby
(Sherman cited in Morrow (ED.) 2004, (vol.1) p. 181).

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Doe Mayer Guest lecture Wed 24th UPDATE

In case y'all haven't seen this on Learning@Griffith:

" 2107GFS_3125_SBURGENT change of DAY for Doe Mayer guest visit 
apologies to all - the day has been changed for the GUEST LECTURE component with DOE MAYER giving a seminar about creativity et al, 
AND a very special opportunity to see some exclusive in-house Behind the Scenes and candid discussion from Animators of How To Train Your Dragon    .
This will be AWESOME!
day is now WEDNESDAY 25th from 1pm - 5pm...
looks like it will either be in the GFS Cinema OR room 5.04 level 5
Will keep you posted.
Class will be in normal 5.29 room at 1pm tomorrow TUESDAY 24th (a shorter intro class ;) "

...which you would probably already know, but at least the room numbers here might help :)

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