“[A good artist is] one with imagination and the ability to tell a good story. How well a man draws cuts no ice with me, if what he’s trying to express comes out vague and choppy.” ‐ Jack Kirby
(Sherman cited in Morrow (ED.) 2004, (vol.1) p. 181).

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"PASS"- Brutal, but true!


We might take a better look at this during classes based on Camera selection, Composition, Referencing etc. because it's so right on what we're trying to achieve as animators/filmmakers/storyteller- clarity and empathy for the audience to understand and "get" the story. Poor choices in conveying this affects the interest of the audience.

{It is important as a side note to mention that just because Alex Toth says it's fake, doesn't make it so...Steve Rude claims he did in fact use referencing, but you can still see Toth's point, particularly on the overhead shots (weird perspective etc.)}

That's all for now :)

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